Quality Brand Name Rental Equipment

With the price some airlines are charging for extra baggage these days it's cheaper to rent equipment than to bring it.

We have a full complement of rental equipment, along with over a hundred mask/fins/snorkel sets to fit all ages and group sizes.

We also rent the HD Camera Mask, rated to 130'. You'll never miss a shot because you forgot your camera or just didn't want to carry it.

If you don't want to lug tanks call us and have your tanks waiting for you on the boat. When your trip is done leave your rental gear on board and leave the rinsing to us. You can also reserve your gear with our on line Reservation System. Don't forget to go to our Checklist page to insure you haven't forgot anything!

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Daily Equipment Rental Rates

Gear Price per day
Mask / Snorkel $5.00
Fins $5.00
Regulator (with computer) $15.00
 Regulator $10.00
Bouyancy Compensator $10.00
HD Camera / Video Mask $25.00
1/2 Wetsuit $8.00
Full Wetsuit $12.00
Air Tank (50 cu' - 80 cu') $10.00
Air Tank (100 cu' - DIN valve) $12.00
Nitrox Tank (50 cu' - 80 cu') $15.00
Nitrox Tank (100 cu' - DIN valve) $18.00
Gear Package (2 tanks & gear) $45.00
Weights $4.00
Air Fills $5.00
Nitrox Fills $9.00

Trip Prices

Trip Price per person
Snorkel Trip (Adult) $30.00
Snorkel Trip. (children under 12) $25.00
Bubble Watcher (adult) $25.00
 Bubble Watcher Jr. (children under 12) $15.00
2 Tank Dive Trip $60.00
1 Tank Night Dive

1 Tank Tech Trip



3 Tank Dive Trip $85.00

*Above prices are without gear or tanks. Please view our rental page for pricing.

Trip Times & Info

Our trips depart Monday - Sunday at 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM 7 days a week including most holidays.
When to Arrive: The trip times indicate when the boats leave the docks. Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to trip time. This gives customers time to check in and gear up.

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