Outstanding diving company. Easy to find, though parking is very limited. Not sure where I would have parked had a spot not just opened right as I arrived.

I was on the Safari Diver, one of their faster/smaller boats (11 divers max). It was nice to not be on the cattle call boat as it looked slow and was packed with people.

Tessa was our "Scuba Monkey" and she was very nice to me and a female diver who were a bit rusty on assembling our gear. She was upbeat and happy to assist.

But what she did at the first dive is why I recommend her and this company to you. Since it had been 2 years since I last dove, my weighting was off by a bit. I couldn't submerge. I got flustered, used a lot of energy getting back to the boat only to start diving again after being re-weighted to have my Mask leak tremendously (it was my personal mask).

She got me back up on the boat, got me a water, calmed me down and got a spare mask for me. After 10 minutes of topside calming, I went back in with her encouragement and had a great two tank dive on a wreck and one on a reef.

I was seriously considering tossing in the towel. But Tessa was a SCUBA Angel.

Go with these guys, they are helpful, happy and had every right and every opportunity to put me down for trying a dive after a 2 year "dry spell", but they didn't.

I was 100% Good-To-Go on the second dive thanks to her getting me back into it on the first.

Way to Go South Florida Diving Headquarters.

Brian Minter, https://plus.google.com/114436056739467054314/reviews