Boca Artificial Reef

Type of Dive: Drift dive on a Reef

Depth Range: 40-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Boca Raton (outer reef)

Description: like many South Florida Reefs, Boca Artificial is a section of the outer reef, running parallel to the shoreline. The highest concentration of sea life and coral cover is on the western facing ledge (main ledge). On the inside of the undercut ledge, the reef is 10+ foot high. The top edge is jagged and heavily overgrown with soft corals, sponges, algae, and other invertebrates. There is a small artificial reef composed of 20 Erojacks that were originally stacked 6 ft. high in a sandy depression. Five Erojacks were knocked off of the pile by Hurricane David and thrown into the sand hole about 5 ft. away. More were knocked off by later storms. Angelfish, Bermuda chub, barracuda, lobster, and many fish are present.

Navigation: Start out in either the north or south hook (depending on the current) and drift along the main ledge. This is the best scenic route. If you are lobstering sometimes it pays to venture to the deep side of the reef (east) to the Spur & Groove or to the false ledge to the west