Mariner II Barge

Type of Dive: Anchor/Drift

Depth Range: 117-126 ft

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience

Location: Approximately 1 mile south of Hillsboro inlet, north of the Mariner II Tug in 126'

Description: The barge is 110' long and 40' wide, upright, bow pointing south and surrounded sand and coral rubble. There is a cable attached to the bow leading south to a 10' square box, keep going and you will come to the Mariner II Tug. These two vessels were sunk simultaneously (see 2nd photo). Lots of big fish swim to and from these wrecks, some have sited Billfish here on occasion.

History: Mariner II Barge & Tug were sunk on May 1, 1993.