Type of Dive: Anchor Dive

Depth Range: 78-111 ft

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Description: The Rebel is a Dutch freighter, 128' long and 24' wide. The ship is upright with the bow pointing to the north. The two forward holds are open, dissected by a bar between them. Jaks and cudas frequent the wreck looking for the baitfish balls. Occasionally a shy grouper will slither by. The wreckage is encrusted with corals.

History: The Rebel was built in 1947 at Zwartslosf and originally named Cornelis. In 1981 she was sold and renamed Island Transported, she was later renamed St. Andrea. The Andrea was confiscated when her crew got caught smuggling drugs into the U.S. The Andrea was eventually purchased at a federal auction by a Fort Lauderdale attorney, and environmentalist, who donated the vessel to the Broward County Artificial Reef Program. The vessel is named after the attorney's dog "Rebel". The Rebel was sunk July 16, 1985.