Aqua Zoo

Type of Dive: Anchor Dive

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: The Zoo is located 3/4 of mile ESE of Boca Raton inlet on the Broward / Palm Beach county line in 72 ft.

Description: The "Aqua Zoo" is the nickname for piles of culverts next to the wreck of the Sea Emperor (see Sea Emperor description). It was given this name for the diversity and size of marine life that inhabits this wreck. The stars include large southern rays, Goliath Groupers (200-300 lbs.), nurse sharks, eels and hundreds of other fish. No longer due you need to travel to far off destinations. Named "The stingray dive you can drive to" by Skin Diver Magazine. The Aqua Zoo has also been featured on numerous television shows around the world including "Wild Things" and "Adventure Crazy".

History: The Sea Emperor was formerly a hopper barge that was used for mitigation. It was part of a fine levied on a dredging company that destroyed some reef habitat off Palm Beach County. She was filled with large concrete culverts and then sunk of Boca Raton to create habitat. When the barge sank it flipped, scattering the culverts and landing upside down creating a fantastic playground for fish and divers alike.