Wreck Trek Pompano

Type of Dive: Drift Dive on Wrecks

Depth Range: 80' - 55'

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water

Location:   Pompano

Description:   The "Wreck Trek Pompano" is a 3 wreck drift dive that includes the Jay Dorman, Alpha and the Quallman Tugs. This "Wreck Trek" is a little more challenging because of the depth. The 3 wrecks are fairly close together and are perfectly in line. The Jay Dorman was split into 2 pieces by hurricane Andrew. Also there is a mold on the north end donated by Merritt Yachts. This dive is a favorite among spearfishermen, grouper and hogfish can be found around and in between the wrecks. Beware sharks frequent this area as well.

Navigation:  This dive is best done with a north current. Begin the dive on the Dorman, from there head north to the Alpha and Quallman tugs. Be careful not to get your flag tangled on the wreck. If you have enough time and air remaining head west to the reef and finish your dive on top the reef at 50'.