RBJ & Chris Corey

Type of Dive: Drift dive on Wreck

Depth Range: 200-270 ft

Skill Level: Technical Divers Only

Location: Pompano Beach

Description: The Corey N Chris is 130' long and sits upright bow facing west. The depth at the bow id 255' and the stern depth is 270'. The RBJ was 226' long and rests bow to the south draped across the mid-section of the Corey N Chris. Hurricane Andrew caused the RBJ to split leaving the stern on one side and the bow on the other. If you like deep, this is the dive for you. You never know what you'll see...big critters!

History: Both wrecks received their current names through contests. The winners of the contests got to name the artificial reefs, The dredge was named by a man from Boca Raton after his sons. The freighter was named by a young girl after her uncle who died in Vietnam.

The dredge was built in 1942 for the U.S. Army and named BC-246. Eventually it was sold and renamed the Trident. After a hard career and rusting away she was sold to Broward County and the Pompano Fishing Rodeo. On May 18, 1986 she was scuttled.

The freighter was built in 1955 and named the M/V Otto. After running aground in Kingston Jamaica and abandoned by her owners she was headed to Pompano to join the Corey N Chris. On May 15, 1988, nearly 2 years to the day, the RBJ was sunk next to the Cory N Chris. But instead, she maintained her track record of running into things and landed on top of the Corey N Chris at mid ship.