Type of Dive: Mooring Buoy / Drift

Depth Range: 15-30 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Snorkeler

Location: Pompano Beach (ridge complex)

Description: We named this site the "Nursery" many years ago after the family of nurse sharks that reside here. There is good habitat here, with large under cut ledges. The sharks are used to divers and snorkelers and usually swim around under the boat. Hundreds of other fish surround the snorkelers on the surface..Occasionally we see the resident morey eel. The "Nursery" has been featured in numerous T.V. shows and magazines.

Navigation: The "Nursery" is usually an anchor dive, because most participants want to stay and interact with the nurse sharks. However take a flag and venture down the ledge and come back for more shark action. This is the best shallow dive in SE Florida!