United Caribbean

Type of Dive: Anchor Dive

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Approximately 3/4 mile ESE of Boca Raton inlet in 72'.

Description: The Caribbean is a steel cargo ship 147' long. The bow points to the SE. Off the stern limerock boulders were placed in a line leading divers to and from the wreck of the Sea Emperor 250' to the NE. The Caribbean is one of the wrecks in the wreck triangle. Because of the close proximity to two other wrecks and a reef, it populated very quickly. Many of the same marine residents that occupy the Emperor can be seen on the Caribbean. The wreck moved slightly and sustained some damage during hurricane Wilma.

History: The ship was built in 1969 and named the Golden Venture. It was registered Panamanian to operate only in waters around Singapore. But by the early 1990's, it was being used by smugglers to illegally ferry people and drugs. On June 6, 1993 the Golden Venture ran aground on Rockaway Beach in Queens New York. The ship was smuggling 286 illegal immigrants from China. In their attempts to flee the stranded ship and get to shore in the United States, ten people drowned. The ship was later sold and renamed the United Caribbean and was used a s a cargo vessel in the Caribbean. The ship eventually became part of the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Program and was sunk on August 22, 2000. There are several movies chronicling the horrifying journey of the 286 immigrants.