Miss Lourdies

Type of Dive: Anchor/Drift

Depth Range: 101-140 ft

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience

Location: Boca Raton

Description: This freighter class ship was built in 1971. She is 167' long and 39' wide. The bow points to south and the forward wheel house rises to 101'. It is 130' to the aft deck and 140' to the sand. There is a 14' bronze angel statue just behind the wheelhouse at 120'.

History: The Miss lourdies has a checkered past. On June 29, 2008, U.S. Customs during a random search discovered 154 kilos of cocaine and seized the Miss Lourdies. In October of the same year U.S. Customs offered the vessel to the Broward County Artificial Reef Program for sinking, pending the courts decision. Artificial Reef Coordinator Ken Banks decided on a permitted location on the Palm Beach / Broward County line. The permitting and sinking was a joint effort between Palm Beach & Broward Counties and private donations. Daniel Fasano, the largest contributor was inspired by a life-saving bone marrow transplant and created the "Miracle of Life Foundation". The wreck is also nicknamed the Miracle Life.