Pompano Drop Off

Type of Dive: Mooring Buoy / Drift

Depth Range: 15-30 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Snorkeler

Location: Pompano Beach (ridge complex)

Description: The Drop Off covers over 25 mooring buoys including the Nursery & Copenhagen.. The reef line runs parallel to shore. The predominant ledge faces to the east. There are also nice ledges and holes to the west. As the reef slopes to the west you will find Staghorn Coral growing along the leeward side in places. The Drop Off is covered with marine species. Usually very little to no current.

Navigation: Doesn't really matter which mooring buoy you start on you can usually go in either direction. Follow the eastern ledge for the best scenic tour. If you are lobster hunting try also the western holes and ledges.