Berry Patch Tug

Type of Dive: Anchor Dive

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Deerfield Beach

Description: The Berry Patch Tug is 62' long and 16' wide. The tug sits upright, settled deep into the sand with the bow facing south. The wreck is covered with growth and tropical fish. The tug can easily be reached from the Ancient Mariner with the right current. There is also the Quallman Barge to the south.

History: The Tug was built in 1940 and named A.L. Spencer. Originally she was used to tow barges loaded with sand from the Bahamas to Florida. She was sunk on August 15, 1987, as an artificial reef and now rests in 70 feet of water.