Jim Atria

Type of Dive: Down Line

Depth Range: 95-132 ft

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Description: The Atria is a Dutch freighter 227' long and 34' wide. The bow is pointed to the north and the ship is listing to the port. Her mast rise almost to 75' and the wheelhouse is at 95'. The Atria is engulfed in soft corals, bring a light and enjoy all the colors. Large species circle the wreck looking for an opportunity for a bait fish meal. The cargo hold is full of Glass Sweepers and Squirrel Fish

History: This Dutch built freighter, originally named Poinciana, was built in 1961. She gained notoriety after she capsized and sank in the Miami River (see above). Also if you look closely in the original photo above you can see the Empire State Building in the background. The ship was raised, towed offshore and then sunk as an artificial reef on September 23, 1987. The name was changed to honor Jim Atria, an avid diver and fisherman who played a major role in sinking the Poinciana. Originally the Jim Atria rested on her port side, until hurricane Andrew righted her in 1996