Quallman Tugs Et Al

Type of Dive: Anchor/Drift

Depth Range: 60-80 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Pompano Beach

Description: This site has two old pusher tugs (32'L), dredge pipe pontoons, fiberglass yacht hulls, and 2 steel sailboat hulls. The 2 steel sailboat hulls were broken apart by Hurricane Andrew and scattered 75 ft apart, bow to bow in several pieces. The Dorman lies on it's port side broken up pointing north. The Alpha (85'L) is the second sailboat and is flattened. Some Captains nickname this site the "Bone Yard". Spear fishermen beware this is a good spot to see bull sharks. If you have air and time remaining you can actually finish your dive on the adjacent reef.

History: The Quallman Tugs were sank on January 4, 1985. The Alpha was added to the wreckage on February 28, 1988. The Alpha was used in WWII to spot submarines near the Bahamas.