Suzzane’s Ledge

Type of Dive: Mooring Buoy / Drift

Depth Range: 15-30 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Snorkeler

Location: Pompano Beach (ridge complex)

Description: Most divers refer to this reef tract as the inner reef, when in fact this reef is growing on top of what scientist refer to as a ridge complex. The main ledge actually faces to the east, and runs parallel to the shore. Suzanne's ledge is actually a continuation of the same tract as the Pompano Drop Off. Mooring Buoys were placed on the ridge in 2008. You'll see lots of juvenile species, schooling bait fish and tarpon on occasion.

Navigation: Depending on the current (usually very little) start on the north or south ball and follow the eastern ledge. It's also interesting to venture west you will see clusters of Staghorn Coral.