Miller Lite

Type of Dive: Anchor/Drift

Depth Range: 100-165 ft

Skill Level: Technical Divers Only

Location: Pompano Beach

Description: Freighter class ship, 206' long sitting upright with the bow pointing SE. Because of the ships close proximity to Hillsboro inlet it is teaming with fish. Large schools of fish are usually covering the wreckage. The ship is still fairly intact. Watch out for monofilament! Although this ship has some access at recreational limits, more advanced training is recommended.

History: This German Freighter was built in 1957 and named the Mini-horn. The ship was in service for almost 30 years and was also named the Principe Maya. In 1987 the ship was purchased by the Broward Dept. of Natural Resource Protection for $29,900. and cleaned for sinking. Funding was also donated by Miller Lite, hence the name. Among dive operators the wreck is sometimes called the "Captain Mark". The ship was finally sunk on May 17, 1987