Hillsboro Ledge

Type of Dive: Drift dive on a Reef

Depth Range: 30-40 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or equivalent experience

Location: Deerfield Beach (middle reef)

Description: There is a sheer N-S trending ledge. Holes provide good cover for marine animals. Landward of the edge there are low blocks of rubble with sand in between. Tropical fish are abundant. Yellowheaded jawfish and tobacco fish can be seen. This reef is very popular during mini season! Just to the north of the reef end are to rock islands that form a small swim through, occasionally you'll see snook.

Navigation: Follow the main ledge north with the current, if you have enough air and time, cross a short sand gap to the rock islands north of the main ledge. For a south current start out on the islands north of the main ledge.