Rodeo 25

Type of Dive: Anchor Dive

Depth Range: 80-126 ft

Skill Level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience

Location: Pompano Beach

Description: This Dutch freighter is 215' long with a 33' beam. The twin mast, towering over the wheelhouse rise to 68', creating a great opportunity for photographers getting silhouette shots. Bait balls usually congregate around the mast as jacks and other predators swoop in. It is a fascinating show. The forward mast was laid over to the starboard in the sand during a storm. This wreck is extremely popular!

History: This ship was built in 1956 as the Nore. In 1969 she was sold and renamed Booker Trojan; in 1976 she was renamed Caricom Adventurer and then renamed once again Cari Gulf Venture. In 1986 she was renamed Windward Trader. The Windward Trader became a derelict on the Miami River and was sunk as an artificial reef on May 12, 1990. Almost 100,000 spectators witnessed the event which was timed to celebrate the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo's 25th, anniversary.