Wreck Trek Boca

Type of Dive: Drift dive on Wrecks

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Boca Raton

Description: The "Wreck Trek" Boca is a 2 wreck drift dive that includes the United Caribbean and the Sea Emperor. There are limestone boulders lined up and leading to and from the Sea Emperor and the United Caribbean. There is also a third wreck to the east (Noulla Express), but it is difficult to to do all 3 in one dive. With the right current you can go from the Noulla Express to either of the other two. There is also a patch reef in between the Noulla Express and the other two.

Navigation: For a north current begin the crossing at the stern of the United Caribbean and follow the boulders to the Sea Emperor. For a south current leave from the bow of the Emperor and head SE to the rocks and follow them to the Caribbean.