Moray Bend

Type of Dive: Drift dive on a reef

Depth Range: 45-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water or Equivalent Experience

Like many South Florida Reefs, Morey Bend is a section of the outer reef, running parallel to the shoreline. The highest concentration of sea life and coral cover is on the western facing ledge (main ledge). Another favorite reef of Dive Operators on rough days due to the close proximity to Boca Inlet. However, the N - S ledge here in some places is 20 ft. high. The reef was named for one of the local resident moray eels. Goliath Groupers have also been spotted here. Navigation: Start out in either the north or south hook (depending on the current) and drift along the main ledge. This is the best scenic route. If you are lobstering sometimes it pays to venture to the deep side of the reef (east) to the Spur & Groove or to the false ledge to the west