Wreck Trek Deerfield

Type of Dive: Drift dive on Wrecks

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water Diver or Equivalent Experience

Location: Deerfield Beach

Description: The "Wreck Trek" Deerfield is a 3 wreck drift dive that includes the Ancient Mariner, Berry Patch Tug and Quallman Barge. You can easily cover 2 wrecks and if the current is right you can do all three. This area is a great dive, along with all the marine life you get to test your navigational skills. There are rebar stakes sticking up in the sand in between the wrecks to help guide you along.

Navigation: Depending on the current you either start out on the Ancient Mariner or the Quallman Barge. Circumnavigate each wreck, then take a heading and follow the stakes to each wreck. If you leave from the Quallman Brage follow the stakes (240 degrees) to the reef edge. Then follow the reef edge until you either see a stake or the Berry Patch Tug on your left. The distance between the Ancient Mariner and the Berry Patch Tug is approximately 150' and the Tug to the Barge is approximately 600'. Be careful not to get your flag tangled on the wreck. Sometimes it easier if you are going to stay on the wreck for awhile to tie it off and then retrieve it when you're ready to move on.