Rapa Nui Reef

Type of Dive: Anchor or Drift

Depth Range: 50-70 ft

Skill Level: Open Water

Location: Deerfield Beach

Description: Rapa Nui Reef is  is a 150 foot barge, rising 9 feet of the bottom in 67 feet just east of the Deerfield Beach pier. Lying crushed underneath are the remains of Rapa Nui Reef, named for its Polynesian replicas that were sculpted and placed on the deck to attract marine life. Not as appealing to divers as it could have been, still will make a great marine habitat.

History: Rapa Nui Reef was named for it's Polynesian inhabitants, replicas of Easter Island in the South Pacific. Thanks to the foresight and generosity of Boca Raton philanthropist Margaret Blume, who funded the project through the Deerfield Beach Women's Club. The club used the money to pay for the barge, massive loads of concrete and the talents of Dennis MacDonald of Pompano Beach, who sculpted the reproductions. Unfortunately when deploying the project the barge flipped over before reaching the bottom destroying most of the sculptures. There are plans to try and replace some of the Moi sculptures in the future.