Type of Dive: Anchor/Drift

Depth Range: 140-210 ft

Skill Level: Technical Divers Only

Location: Pompano Beach

Decription: At 420' long and 55' wide this freighter is a massive. The bow points to the south and she sits upright in 210'. This is a deep dive and requires technical training. Miles of fishing line adorn the wreck, entanglement can be a problem carry a cutting device. Large fish are usually spotted as you descend on the wreck.

History: This Canadian freighter was built by Canadian Vickers Ltd. in 1953. She was originally named Ciudad De Cali and was later renamed Rio Amazonas. She was renamed once again, this time by simply painting over a portion of her old name. Sailing as the Mazon, the vessel had a mechanical breakdown and became stranded in Port Everglades. She sat there for three years until she was sunk as an artificial reef off Ft. Lauderdale on March 31, 1984. The marine electronics company Lowrance donated to the cleanup for sinking, hence the final name.