Wreck Diving Sites

Dive the Robert Edmister Dive the Mercedes I Dive the Jay Scutti Dive the Tracey Dive the Merci Jesus Dive the Jim Atria Dive the Peter B. McAllister Dive the Rebel Dive the SS Copenhagen Dive the Caicos Express Dive the Guy Harvey Dive the Captain Dan Dive the Lowrance Dive the Renegade Dive the RSB-1 Dive the RBJ & Chris Corey Dive the Quallman Tugs Dive the Lady Luck Dive the Rodeo 25 Dive the Mariner II Tug Dive the Union Express Dive the Mariner II Barge Dive the Miller Lite Dive the Sucre Dive the Quallman Barge Dive the Berry Patch Tug Dive the Ancient Mariner Dive the United Caribbean Dive the Sea Emperor Dive the Noulla Express Dive the Miss Lourdies Dive the Aqua Zoo Dive the Hydro Atlantic Dive the Wreck Trek Ft. Lauderdale Dive the Wreck Trek Pompano Dive the Wreck Trek Deerfield Dive the Wreck Trek Boca Dive the Rapa Nui Reef

Reef Overview

The South East Florida Reef Tract extends from Miami northward to Palm Beach. Greater Ft. Lauderdale accounts for 23 miles in the middle of the tract and the largest number of dive sites, with over 100 reef and wreck sites. The Gulf Stream current often flows close to the shoreline bathing the coral reefs in clear, warm water. Hundreds of species of fish flourish along the coast. The reef tracts are very close to shore, no long boat rides here. You can even swim to some reefs from the beach. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Greater Fort Lauderdale will surprise you!


Map Overview

The maps you see here are created from high resolution Laser Airborne Depth Sounding (LADS). The data is used to create an image depicting the actual bottom contour topography. Not only can you clearly see reef contours but you can also identify shipwrecks.



All of us at South Florida Diving Headquarters would like to extend a special thanks to Ken Banks, PH.D., P.E. with the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department in Broward County. The "Geohistory of SE Florida Reef Tracts" was a brief conclusion of a 2007 report (Banks etal. Geomorphology of the SE Fla. Continental reef tract)